Tech Shanghai Advocates has various working groups. The working groups help Advocates form ecosystems, discuss issues or address roadblocks in specific areas. The working groups are run by Advocates who set working group agenda, facilitate discussions and table motions to policy makers on specific topics.

Working groups meet every one to three months to discuss pertinent issues to the group and how the private and public sectors can work together and with the wider tech community and policy makers to address obstacles facing East and South China’s technology businesses and employees.

The working groups are open to all Advocates. Working groups may cover the following areas. (Additional working groups may be added by Advocates and Partners):

– fintech & blockchain & insurtech
– deeptech & AI & machine learning
– new materials & new energy
– green tech & self-driving vehicles
– intelligent manufacturing
– public health & life science & medtech
– bid data & IOT & TMT
– AR & VR & Gaming
– smart city & property tech
– creative industry